Property management has a lot of different solutions and services but what exactly do they do?

Well, that’s going to depend on three distinct and important things: the management company, what kind of property is being managed, and what was agreed between the property owner and the company itself. Office spaces have different needs than an apartment complex or a villa.

To put it simply it’s important that you choose the right property management company for your property and needs. Every decision regarding services should be discussed in detail up front, including any additional fees.

Here are some of the general property management company’s duties:

  • Research rental rates and set the rent;
  • Prepare and show the property to prospective tenants or guests;
  • Collect the rent;
  • Go to court to represent the landlord when necessary;
  • Regularly inspect the property on the inside and outside;
  • Provide accounting services including monthly financial reports;
  • Handle indoor and outdoor maintenance and repairs.

So, what does AlgarPremium do differently?

We offer a wide range of services regarding the management of a property, including:

· Short/Long Term Rental Management – all process regarding the client/guests/tenants is dialed directly with the company;
· Property Maintenance – all your property worries are responded to but a professional team, even when you’re not there;
· Pool and Garden Maintenance – we have a professional team that works to keep your pool and garden always in top-notch conditions;
· Housekeeping Service – we take pride in our cleaning service quality, as it’s something that distinguishes us from other companies, including our Laundry Service (with Pick&Go) and Ironing Service;
· Financial Management – we help your property achieve its greatest business success with return-on-investment (ROI) guaranteed;
· Renovations – we take care of your renovations according to your specifications;
· Transfers and Car Rentals – this service allows the property owner and/or its guests to come and go as they please;
· Specialized Maintenance – we have a professional team that is ready to assist the property 24/7;
· Customized Solutions – the client has the liberty to choose the services that he sees are more fitted to his needs, without having to compromise with set solutions.

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