Climate changes are real and we’re feeling them now more than ever, even in this month of January!

Researchers state that the previous 2021 December was one of the four more hottest ones since 1931. For example, in Zambujeira (Alentejo), the thermometers reached 25.5 degrees Celsius, while in Montalegre temperature reached 16.9 degrees Celsius (the highest since 1999).

It wasn’t only in Portugal that December was unusual warm.

Other case is the unusual temperature of 19 degrees Celsius in southern Alaska on December 26. This stunned experts by setting a record across the US stat, known for its intense cold, especially in a month where thermometers normally record negative temperatures.

December 2021 was the warmest on record in 130 years, in Houston. In Philadelphia it has the second warmest record yet.

The weather is definitely changing. In the latest years you can barely feel the four different seasons in a year.

So even if it’s only small steps, it’s important for people to gain conscious and knowledge that to “solve” this situation it’s going to be needed every single one of us.

Recycle, buy less and live more. There’s no Planet B.

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