Providing a cleaning service to a property isn’t something we, as a company, take lightly. We’re always immensely thankful for our clients inviting us into their homes. Their trust and respect aren’t something we take for granted. This is something that motivates us to do greater and better, every time we provide a service.

Every client has different needs, so AlgarPremium always provides a service specially designed to respond in the most professional way, not losing the human touch along the way.

Why are AlgarPremium’s Cleanings Different?

Well, AlgarPremium’s working method was designed so that your home has a level of hygiene, disinfection, and organization superior to traditional methods. In addition, you can opt, if you wish, for Standard Cleaning, in a maintenance system and whenever you need it, and on an occasional basis a Deep Clean, in which you will see your house cleaned to the last detail, with all the care and professionalism.

But what is the Standard Cleaning?

Standard cleaning is usually a weekly service, the typical tasks that take place during this service include:

– Tidying up the spaces;

– Making and replacing bed linen and towels;

– Cleaning surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms;

– Taking out the garbage;

– Cleaning floors inside and outside;

– Cleaning the windows;

– Cleaning decorative elements and floor lamps;

– Cleaning faucets and chrome with gloss finish;

– Cleaning doors and frames;

– Cleaning and vacuuming floors;

– Cleaning frames and mirrors;

– Others…

This service is characterized by the professionalism and pride with which it is carried out. In addition, we provide all the necessary cleaning products, tools, and machines to leave your house sparkling.

You can also choose the period that suits you best for the domestic cleaning of your home: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, biweekly, or whenever you need.

We work together to provide a better customizable solution for you. Curious about what’s a Deep Clean? Check out our next article!

Confused or want to know more? Contact us, it will be our pleasure to assist you. Don’t forget to book your FREE NO COMMITMENT APPOINTMENT!